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Recruitment Consultant - Remote Working

Vancouver, BC · Sales
Recruitment Consultant – Remote Working
Canada Wide
Unlimited vacation
Exceptional Commission Structure
Health and Dental Plan
If you have never investigated a remote working or distributed team recruitment model, read on. You might just like what you see.  
The traditional recruitment agency trap.
The comfort of a regular monthly pay packet creates a false sense of security. Worse still, you just do your job and go home without knowing how great you are. Or what you’d be capable of achieving if you gave it everything!
You are never likely to give it everything when you bill $300-600k and are lucky to get to six figures on your T4.
People are so fearful of losing their stability they convince themselves they’re better off.  Even though they are largely controlled 5 days a week with time restrictions: when they start; when they eat; and when they are “allowed” to go home. Who’s making the decisions in your life?
You know deep down this wasn’t what you signed up for.
No one joins the recruitment industry wanting job stability and an income equivalent to your average sales representative. Certainly, no-one wants to work 50 hour weeks and only get 4 weeks vacation per year.
It’s so easy to think about what we could lose by leaving that stable job behind that most people never consider what they could gain by working in a remote working environment.
How does it work?
Working remotely does not mean working on your own. We don’t want consultants who want to set up their own business. We are a team and we want teammates. We don’t need to see you every day and, when we do want to see you, Skype can do that. You can work from anywhere that has an internet connection.
We’re not interested in KPI’s and clocking in and out. You work the hours that you want and drive that activity that you need. Yes, you are the driver here not us.
We provide the accounting, the marketing, the credit control, the technology and all the recruitment tools. In addition, we provide operational support and advice, we provide training and development and offer career opportunities for anyone capable and willing to make the next step.
Experienced Recruitment Consultants
Don’t try to reinvent yourself. We don’t need entrepreneurs. We also don’t want worker bees either. We want you. You are driven, you have great people skills, you like to be rewarded, you’re competitive and you are just simply good at your job.
You are a consistently high biller for your current agency and yet you are almost certainly under valued and under paid. If you are earning less than half of what you are billing on a permanent desk, you are under paid. We pay 60%. No fine print.
What’s in it for you?
  • Once you’re earning 60% of every fee, you will never want a salary again…they won’t be able to afford you! 
  • You get to control and choose how you spend your day. 
  • You work hard but on your own terms. 
  • Choosing when and how you work is...priceless! And the benefit is always that you bill more!
  • You will love the freedom of not being controlled. 
  • You will feel like you owe it to yourself to see how far you can go. 
  • You will be simply happier driving your own destiny.
If you are interested in a confidential conversation, please send your resume to sborer@talentsphere.ca
Thank you for your interest in TalentSphere. We hope that we have inspired you.
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