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Estimator - Heavy Civil

Ottawa, ON · Construction/Facilities

A leading construction contractor, aggregate materials supplier, and site developer in the Eastern Ontario region. Founded in 1953, they have grown exponentially over the years, thanks to a dedicated team, unmatched fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, strategically located pits and quarries, and innovative facilities. Their core values of integrity, work ethic, safety, and excellence have remained unwavering, defining everything they do.

They take pride in offering timely, cost-effective, and top-quality solutions for all construction projects. Their mission is simple yet profound: to deliver value-added construction products and services that ensure not only customer satisfaction but also employee fulfillment, the sustainability of our communities, and the enduring success of the company.

In the heart of the Heavy Civil Group, where Sewer & Water, Earthworks, Roadway Construction & Paving converge, stands the illustrious figure known as the Heavy Civil Estimator. This key player in the company's bid for greatness is a master of the art of estimating, holding the power to seize competitive opportunities, beat bid deadlines, and infuse order into the chaotic whirlwind of processes. It's a dynamic and fast-paced role that demands a profound understanding of crafting estimates for a diverse array of projects.

Embracing this weighty responsibility, the Heavy Civil Estimator fearlessly embarks on a journey of meticulousness, conjuring detailed, timely, and meticulously organized cost estimates for the grandeur of heavy civil construction projects. Armed with the sharpest analytical acumen, they fearlessly venture into the realms of tender specifications, drawings, and reports, seeking wisdom to shape their estimates with unparalleled precision.

As the quest for excellence unfolds, the Heavy Civil Estimator becomes an unwavering presence at project meetings and job showings, poised to gain deeper insights into the mysteries of each endeavour. They bravely confront the enigmatic spectre of risk, identifying and evaluating the challenges that lie ahead for every undertaking.

Yet, this quest for greatness is no solitary affair. The Heavy Civil Estimator joins forces with the esteemed estimating team, combining their knowledge and ingenuity to conquer the bidding process together. In the pursuit of distinction, they orchestrate the artistry of pre-qualification submissions, masterminding the formulation of Design-Build, Joint Venture, and Major proposals.

Ever agile and versatile, the Heavy Civil Estimator lends a helping hand to the gallant project management teams during the change management process. With a soothing voice, they clarify changes, untangle issues, and artfully price the change orders that may arise.

In the symphony of construction, the Heavy Civil Estimator conducts the melodies of possibility, shaping dreams into reality and paving the way for a future built on precision, dedication, and boundless flair.

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Job Title: Estimator - Heavy Civil
Reports to: Cheif Estimator
Employment Type: Full-Time
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Minimum Experience: Mid-Level to Senior
Job ID: 16250333

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